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Sea Otter Sneak Peak: Breezer, Aluboo, Redline, Raleigh and More Will Demo Belted Bikes while Ritte Races their CX Rigs

  April 16, 2013

Attending the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, Calif., later this week? Look for these belt drive bikes in the expo area and take one for a demo ride. 2013 BREEZER_Beltway_Infinity

Breezer Bicycles, the brand founded by pioneering mountain biker Joe Breeze, introduced the Beltway this year. The Beltway, offered in three models with different spec, is a fully equipped commuter bike whose geometry is based on Breezer’s acclaimed Finesse range bike. It’s made for speedy trips to work or across town. Breezer will be showing the Beltway Infinity, which features Carbon Drive and the Nuvinci N360 continuously variable planetary hub for smooth and silent shifting.

Redline will have the Monobelt 29er (below), a belt drive version of their legendary Monocog, available for demo rides.


Saturday is cyclocross day at Sea Otter, with a host of races in the afternoon. Watch for the speedy singlespeeders from Ritte Racing in the 5pm SS race. Ritte has some of the sexiest belt drive cross bikes on the planet (click here more pics).

Photo credit John Watson


Ritte team photo

Boo Bicycles, the bamboo specialists, are launching their new brand–Aluboo–at Sea Otter. These bikes will be a bamboo- aluminum hybrid and they offer consumers the choice of a Carbon Drive instead of a chain. Visit em in BOOth 220.

Aluboo downtube

Boo will also have their new fashion bike brand Glissando, which elegantly mixes bamboo and titanium, on hand.

NAHBS 13 Glissando complete

Visit Raleigh’s booth to see the XXIX…

©Earl Harper

And the Misceo iTrail 11:

2013 Raleigh Misceo Trail i11


BMC, maker of the BMC urbanchallenge (the official lifestyle bike of BMC Racing Team) will also be at the Otter:

2013 BMC_UC01_Alfine11_front