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The Champagne of Bikes: Raleigh's Beer-Inspired HiLife Gets Belted

  April 23, 2013

Raleigh Hi Life complete

Jordan Czajka is the technical services manager for Advanced Sports, the parent company of Breezer, Fuji and Kestrel, so he knows how to wrench a bike. Also, apparently, when it’s Miller time. Jordan sent us these photos of his customized Raleigh HiLife cyclocross bike that he retro-fitted with Carbon Drive.

Jordan knee slides over a barrier during a cross race, looking mighty stylish.
Jordan knee slides over a barrier during a cross race, looking mighty stylish.

“I built the frame set up with a bunch of different parts trying to stick with the color theme of the frame,” Jordan says of the Miller High Life-inspired bike. “I rode and raced it for a while with a chain. Once I saw the Gates Carbon Drive system I knew I wanted it. My HiLife seemed like the perfect bike to set up with belt drive.”

Raleigh Hi Life front

“A buddy of mine who is a welder and a machinist carefully cut out a piece of the frame and the end of the drop out to allow the belt to pass through. He then welded a piece of bar stock in between the two dropout saver plates to fill in the cut out section of frame. The drop out savers slide onto the drop out from the rear and the bolts keep everything in place.”

Raleigh Hi Life drops

While Gates encourages cyclists to buy a stock belt-compatible frame, Jordan clearly had the chops to do this retro-fit. The resulting bike has served him well for many years of cyclocross racing and commuting.

“HiLife is perfect for cyclocross: no gears to stop working, no chain to clog up and rust, just a perfect setup. Washing the bike after a race or ride is so simple. I ride this bike everywhere and love the simplicity of it.”

As the brewers at Miller might say, it’s the champagne of bikes.

Raleigh Hi Life drive