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Mountain Flyer Meets Honey Badger, Goes for Wild Ride, Cobras Cower in Fear

  June 27, 2013

MountainFlyer_July 2013_HoneyBadger_Review-page-001

The new issue of Mountain Flyer Magazine features a review of the Honey Badger from Spot Brand. Tech editor Dylan Stucki loved it, calling the Honey Badger a “simple, do-it-all machine.”

MountainFlyer_July 2013_HoneyBadger_Review-page-003

Stucki rode the bike in a variety of conditions, from rocky singletrack to the bike polo court. Of the bike’s belt drive, he writes that it “rides smoothly and quietly giving you peace of mind and allowing you to stealthily track your prey.”

Learn more about the Honey Badger on the Spot Brand site. And subscribe to Mountain Flyer here. With its nice photography and clean prose, it’s one of our favorite bike mags. Now go bag some honey.

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