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Hard Tales 2: Frank Schneider Shreds the German Forest on his Nicolai Argon AM

  July 10, 2013

Check out the latest video from former pro downhiller Frank Schneider as he shreds some gorgeous forested singletrack on his Nicolai Argon AM with Carbon Drive. Anyone can charge rooted and rocky trails on a full suspension geared bike, but Schneidi does it the hard way: on a hard tail singlespeed.

If you enjoyed that, you’ll like Hard Tales 1 too. It features some fast and furious descents and some rocking music. Schneidi, who won the Masters Class at the Megavalanche on a hard tail SS with Carbon Drive, is the fastest dude around on a hard tail.

Learn more about the Argon AM here. It’s the enduro bike for riders like Schneidi who are harder than the rest.