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Wazee! Spot Brand Launches New City Model and Full Line of Belt Drive 'Street' Bikes

  July 23, 2013

Wazee three-quarters

Spot Brand has launched its new and upgraded line of belt drive city bikes. “We want to show that reliable bikes for everyday urban use can also be fast and look great,” says Spot president Andrew Lumpkin. “You won’t find a greasy chain or derailleur in our city line. These bikes are made to jump on and go, whether it’s a 30-mile commute to work, the coffee shop or to pick up takeout at the City Wok.” Read the full story on the Bicycle Retailer site.

Highlighting the new line is the Wazee. Spot describes the bike on its website as a combination of style, precision and panache:

In the spirit of Colin Chapman, the brash auto racing entrepreneur who created the Lotus 38 that won the 1965 Indy 500, we present the Wazee—a city bike that blends modern technology with retro racing aesthetics. The sleek and streamlined steel frame delivers the classic ride characteristics and road-feel that bicyclists prize. And with its Lotus-inspired Chapman green (of course) color scheme, the Wazee handles city streets with precision and panache. Our Wazee is the newest member of the Spot family but its heritage runs deep. Wazee Street is one of Denver’s most storied thoroughfares, the epicenter of LoDo and beating heart of Mile-High commerce and culture. Anchoring the bike is the most innovative drive system available: a CenterTrack belt drive that motors fast and quiet, lap after lap after lap. Colin Chapman would be proud.

Wazee spot logo on seatbridge stay

Dualie profile

The Dualie, above, returns to the Spot family of city bikes with some nice upgrades. Here is how Spot describes the bike:

The light turns green and you’re off. By mid-block the singlespeeders and fixie riders are at max velocity. That’s when you kick your Dualie into overdrive and drop those posers. The Dualie is like a singlespeed on steroids. It marries the world’s most advanced carbon fiber belt drive with a two-speed kick shifter, stylishly integrated into a sleek steel frame dressed in Scooter blue. Back pedal half a turn to upshift or downshift. It’s that easy. The ethic is simplicity, the aesthetic thoroughly mod. Bicycling picked the Dualie as one of its favorite new city bikes. Yo, fixie riders, time to kick it up a notch! Two, after all, is the new one.

Acme profile

Spot has also re-launched its Acme and Ajax models, calling the Acme (pictured above) “a Mercedes on two wheels,” featuring “the most advanced, reliable—and clean–drive train on the market: a sealed 11 speed shifter mated to a smooth and strong belt drive.”

Spot calls the Ajax an “urban ninja in matte black,” and a bike that “moves through the city with stealth and speed.”

Shhh. What was that? Just the Ajax, a quiet ninja in the night.

Check out the Spot website for more details and pricing. Wazee! We want…

Wazee profile