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Sixteen-year-Old Singlespeeding Mountain Biker Completes 100-Mile Endurance Race on Belted Redline 29er

  July 29, 2013

Susannah Hart in kilt racing

Meet Susannah Hart, a 16-year-old mountain biking phenom who recently completed the High Cascades 100 on a Redline Monobelt singlespeed. A century on a geared mountain bike is tough, on a singlespeed simply awesome. Susannah comes from a racing family. The Harts of Washougal, Wash., are regulars at races throughout the Pacific Northwest, and father Brian Hart often sets up his workstand and aid station to help other racers with mechanicals.

Brian Hart bought the Monobelt last November to use as a dual-purpose singlespeed for his kids and family to use for both cyclocross and mountain bike races. The Redline did more than 25 cyclocross races last season, with family members using for everything from Singlespeed to Men’s C, Master’s C, 50+, Junior Women’s, Women’s C, Women’s B, and Women’s A races.

Susannah began racing at age 13 and ook the OBRA BAR (Best All-around Rider) award in 2011 for multi-discipline dominance (MTB, CX, road, time trial) in her age group, then followed up with 110 OBRA races in 2012. “If you can catch her, you can often hear her singing hymns downhill during races and rides,” says her proud father, Brian. “In fact, she had a couple of nearby racers ask her to sing louder during the HC100 race so they could hear better.”

You will notice from the picture above that Susannah is carrying a large pack for a 100-miler. That’s because she carries extra tubes, tools and chain links in case competitors break down and need assistance. “For us, winning is always tertiary to safety and finding ways to help others succeed where they might otherwise fail for lack of supplies or equipment,” Brian Hart says.

Susannah Hart at home with Gates

Sussanah decided to race the SS Monboelt in the High Cascades 100 for simplicity’s sake. With a finish time of 14:12:45, she came in 14th among Open Women finishers, racing with a 39/22 sprocket setup. “I decided to ride the singlespeed because I got the idea that this race didn’t have as much climbing as other races I have done,” Susannah says. “It had 11,400 feet climbing over 100 miles, just about the same elevation gain as in the 100k race I did two weeks before.” She adds that the race “was not as hard as I expected it to be.”

That’s one tough young woman. Gates Carbon Drive is proud to have Susannah racing and riding the belt, and we look forward to more of her exploits in the future. Keep an eye out for the package we sent you, Susannah, with a jersey and other Carbon Drive goodies.