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Radical Randonneuring: Meet E of the AWOL Transcontinental Europe Team

  August 13, 2013

Meet Erik Nohlin, known as E, a member of the Specialized AWOL team. He’s one tough looking dude with the scowl and tats and looks like he should be a fixie-riding bike messenger in Prague. But Erik is currently racing one of the most innovative new trekking bikes in one of Europe’s toughest citizen races, the Transcontinental.

AWOL transcontinental bike

And he is powered by Pink Floyd.

Here’s the scoop from the Specialized AWOL Adventure site:

E rides a medium AWOL frame named The Transcontinental Grace coated with the craziest PVD coating yet seen by man. Set up with Shimano Alfine Di2 and Gates Carbon Drive. Dynamo hub, front and rear lights and The Plug from Supernova. Handlebar, seat post, stem and tires from Specalized. Front and rear Tubus racks and Specialized panniers. Total weight including racks is 14.6kilos / 32 lb. Including gear – fully loaded with 3 26oz water bottles, approx 24 kilos / 53 lb

AWOL is a special project from Specialized to build the fastest randonneur racing bikes. AWOL comes with a forged rocker dropout that allows it to be set up with Gates Carbon Drive, just like Erik is riding in the Transcontinental.

The Transcontinental Race is Europe’s longest single stage unsupported bike race. Riders will cover a minimum of 2000 miles/3200km. Riders choose their route from start to finish, with just two checkpoints in between. Riders must carry everything they need. No pre-arranged support is allowed. The one bright spot? A party in Istanbul on Aug. 17.

AWOL Erik Nohlin

Erik’s bio includes many super randonneur races of up to 1,000 km. He finished the 1,230 kilometer Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011 in under 75 hours, did a six-month unsupported ride across the US in 2012 and several 1000km Audax rides. His day job is as a designer for Specialized.

Check out the AWOL website at: