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Eurobike First Look: Belt Drive eBikes

  August 19, 2013

Gates Carbon Drive is heading to Eurobike and Demo Day (Aug. 27-31 in Friedrichshafen, Germany). Below is a sampling of the new electric bikes, pedal bikes and new products we will be showing at Demo Day or in our booth (#A2-203). First, the electric bikes:

Flitz Wooden Racer

The Wooden Racer (above) is a speedy and elegant eBike from Flitz Bikes. It features the Pinion gearbox for sealed, surefire shifting.

Flitz Traveller

The Traveller is a touring electric bike from Flitz that features the MPF motor for two-speed cruising and durability.

electrolyte_strasenfeger_with dude in jeans

The Strasenfeger, from German brand Electrolyte is stylish, fast and features a unique drive system motor inside the “lefty” fork.

OHM Urban XU450

The Urban XU450 E2 from Ohm Cycles features the new SRAM e-matic motor and a sturdy step-through frame for easy use in the city.

GoBike three-quarters

The GoBike (above) is a new city bike-share electric bike. Copenhagen, Denmark, recently signed a deal to stock their bike share stations with these innovative pedelecs that feature a table PC on the bars to provide information on navigation and routes, train departure schedules, nearby docking stations and more. Below is a picture of the new belt drive GoBikes at a Copenhagen station:

GoBikes at Copenhagen station

Grace Urban MX2 three-quarters

The Grace Urban MX2 (above) features the new Bosch motor system and is one of the sexier eBikes to hit the market.

Gates will also be showing pedal bikes in its booth including the new BMC ac01, the Nicolai fat tire bike, theNicolai Ingeartec DH and the Nicolai Argon TR. Stay tuned for more news from Eurobike next week.