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Belted Adventure: From the Arctic Circle to Cape Town South Africa on a Belt Drive Koga

  November 8, 2013

Kapp to Cape reza-donkey cart

Kapp to Cape is the bike adventure of a lifetime, an arduous and dangerous journey that spans the length of the planet from the Arctic Circle in Norway to South Africa’s Cape Town. Reza Pakravan and his partner Steven Pawley have undertaken this extreme expedition to raise money to build two schools in Madagascar, where Reza has previously helped build schools in underprivileged communities. Reza is riding a Koga trekking bike with Gates Carbon Drive. He and Steven are currently in Zambia and hope to finish their epic journey around Nov 24.

Reza has experienced extreme hardship, dehydration and exhaustion while traversing Africa. An excerpt from the Kapp to Cape website:

We had been riding in blistering heat for almost an hour without water when I finally succumbed. I don’t remember much, but Steve suddenly realised I wasn’t behind him anymore, and that I had come off the bike. He put me in the shade and we just had to stay put to conserve energy, and wait for someone to come by. After about half an hour, we managed to flag down a 4×4, who gave us both water. The owner took the bikes and bags and drove us straight to a clinic in Iringa, 150km away.

Check out the photos below and head to Reza’s Facebook Page! Good luck Reza, we admire your fortitude and dedication to helping educate the children of Madagascar.

Kapp to Cape Reza climbing hill

Kapp to Cape Reza name on top tube

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Reza entertaining some kids in Ethiopia.
Reza entertaining some kids in Ethiopia.