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Belted Electronica: Gates Partners with Shimano on Alfine Di2 Electronic Shifting

  November 13, 2013

Alfine Di2 Carbon Drive bike in plaza

Electronic shifting is a relatively new technology with big potential. By eliminating stretchy shifter cables, electronic systems such as Shimano’s Alfine Di2 have the potential to make bicycling easier and more intuitive by allowing faster, sure-fire shifts and less maintenance. Gates Carbon Drive has partnered with Shimano to integrate with its Alfine Di2 system. Pictured below is a Carbon Drive sprocket integrated with an Alfine Di2 hub.

Di2 Hub 3

Di2 Hub 1

BMC is specing the Carbon Drive/Alfine Di2 setup on its new AC01 Alfine Di2, which Redbull wrote about. Look for more bike models featuring this clean, low-maintenance setup next year. The future has arrived, and it’s belted and electronic.

2014 BMC_AC01_Di2_front