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Trekking Bike Spotlight: Stevens P18

  November 25, 2013

Stevens P18_profile

TheP18 is a premium touring and trekking bike from German bicycle maker Stevens.The P18 combines the Gates belt drive with aPinion gearbox (the blue apparatus in the bottom bracket area of the picture above). Gearbox technology is exciting because it brings some of the low-maintenance attributes of motorcycle and automobile shifting to bicycles.The P18also features Deore XT disc brakes and Supernova lights, a durable anodized frame and forged adjustable rear dropouts for belt tensioning. If you need a strong and clean drive train for hardcore trekking and commuting, this is the bike.Learn more at the Stevens website,and check out the pictures below.

Stevens P18 three-quarters

Stevens P18 Pinion



Stevens P18_drive