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Against the Grain: Wooden Bikes and Belt Drives

  February 10, 2014

Pescok Wood bike rear

The first bicycles were made from wood, so it is only appropriate that this material is getting a fresh look from a new generation of custom bike builders.We previously featured wooden bikes builder Mike Pescok when one of his bikes won a juried art prize. Mike has been honing his craft and creating more gorgeous wooden belt drive bikes since then, including this one made of walnut (the dark wood) and maple (the light). Note the nicely curved belt stays and seat stay. “It’s much like a carbon fiber layup,” he says of bending and laminating the wood and epoxy. Check out Mike’s new website,, and Instagram account,@grainworkswoodart, to see more pictures. And if you need a table and chairs to match that wooden bike, well, Mike can help you there, too.

Pescok Wood bike profile


Pescok Wood bike headtube closeup


Pescok Wood bike profile 2

Pescok Wood bike rider