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Bike Magazine Reviews the Honey Badger from Spot Brand

  February 21, 2014

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With its curved Animal-Leg seat stays, Time-Trial cutaway seat tube and Gates Carbon Drive, the Honey Badger from Spot Brand is a leading contender for the most innovative, low-maintenance, fast–and fun–singlespeed mountain bike on the market. This is the same bike ridden by the Gates mountain bike team to great success. BIKE had a Honey Badger on test for much of the last year, and the magazine has just published a review in its March issue. BIKE especially liked the Gates belt drive.

“The biggest benefit of the Carbon Drive belt is that it requires virtually no maintenance,” writes BIKE editor Nicole Formosa. “I rode the Honey Badger sporadically over almost a one-year period, and the belt turned smoothly and silently even if I hopped on the bike after letting it sit for two months.”

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