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BMC Launches Red Hot Lamborghini Bike

  March 18, 2014

BMC AC01-Lamborghini- profile

BMC and Lamborghini have collaborated on a special edition Lamborghini-branded city bike that delivers style, technical innovation…and lots of horsepower.

“The alpen challenge edizione speciale combines carbon fiber monococque components with a tubular aluminum space frame,” BMC said in announcing the new bike. “It is equipped to perform with components that are both visually and functionally integrated with the chassis, incorporating some of the latest technological developments in the bicycle industry.”

The Lamborghini bike is available through BMC and Lamborghini dealers. More info here.

BMC AC01-Lamborghini red belt

On March 25 at 16:00 Central European Time (morning in North America) BMC’s Switzerland-based lifeststyle bike product manager, Terrance Malone, will be on Facebook and available to answer questions about this bike and BMC’s other models with Gates Carbon Drive. If you are a Lamborghini fan, go here next Tuesday to see or participate in the