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Custom eBike Showcase: Bosch Electric Bikes Wow Handmade Bike Show

  March 20, 2014

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Eriksen_builder

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show last weekend in Charlotte, NC, featured a historic first–the largest collection of custom electric bikes ever gathered in one place. Gates Carbon Drive worked with a dozen custom bike builders to commission these beautiful eBikes for the show. The goal: introduce North American consumers and bike builders to the eBike trend that is sweeping Europe–and gaining steam in the United States.In this post we feature the five belt drive eBikes featuring the Bosch electric bike drive and NuVinci N360 hub.

Pictured above and below is the titanium electric mountain cargo bike from Kent Eriksen, a noted Colorado frame builder. Eriksen was inspired to create a rugged bike for traveling between his workshop and home in the mountains of snowy Steamboat Springs. With its clean and powerful drive train, sturdy rear rack and suspension fork, this is an eBike for traveling bumpy and steep mountain roads and carrying heavy objects.

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Eriksen_complete bike

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Eriksen_Bosch

Next is the electric workshop cargo bike from Craig Calfee. This creative and fun eBike brought many smiles to attendees at NAHBS and it shows Calfee’s woodworking skills. The seat is a toolbox that opens to carry hammers and tools. The fork is made of two ax handles, the disc brake rotors are old saw blades, and the handlebars employ copper pipe fittings. We can’t wait to see pictures of Craig riding the bike around his hometown in California, rocking a Hawaiian shirt.

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Calfee_complete bike

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Calfee_builder

Co-Motion is one of the leading custom bike brands for touring bikes and tandems. For its Bosch build, the Eugene, Oregon, brand decided to make an electric tandem. The bike won the Best Tandem award from the judges at NAHBS, who noted that this eBike would inspire older cyclists and couples to get on it and ride like the wind together. How romantic. It’s an electric blue love machine.

NAHBS 14_Bosch_CoMotion_complete front

NAHBS 14_Bosch_CoMotion_Rear

Dean Cycles of Colorado is known for its titanium frames, and it created a fast and sleek ti commuter. The sloping, cantilevered tubes show the artistic flare of builder Rich Running Bull. The rear rack swoops back like the wing of a bird in flight. The titanium fork is absolutely lovely.

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Dean_builder

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Dean_top tube

NAHBS 14_Bosch_Dean_complete bike

Now meet the Electric No-Car-Kitty-Cargo Bike from English Cycles. Rob English and his wife live car-free, and they plan to use this bike for heavy errands–including carrying their cat to the veterinarian. Rob says the only time he borrows a car is when bringing the cat to the vet. That’s why he built the carbon front rack, which is perfectly sized for a kitty crate. The adjustable-height stem allows the bars to be raised or lowered to accommodate large items on the front rack. And thanks to the Gates Carbon Drive and Bosch motor, this eBike purrs like a white kitten.

Enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for upcoming posts about more Carbon Drive bikes and eBikes displayed at NAHBS. Thanks to photographer and Gates employee Tim Lucking for the fantastic pictures.

NAHBS 14_Bosch_English_Complete

NAHBS 14_Bosch_English_front rack

NAHBS 14_Bosch_English_Bars

NAHBS 14_Bosch_English_Drive

NAHBS 14_Bosch_English_Rear Rack

The rear deck is also carbon to provide strength but shave weight. The NuVinci shifter provides a 360 percent gear range with a twist of the dial. The Bosch shifters allow users to toggle through multiple levels of assist, from eco to turbo. This bike gets work done, minus the car, and Rob’s cat will enjoy cruising around town on it. Meow.

NAHBS 14_Bosch_English_Nuvinci shifter

NAHBS 14_Bosch_English_Bosch controls

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