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Carbon Drive University: Removing the Rear Wheel of a Belt Drive Bike with an Internally Geared Hub

  May 20, 2014

Gates with Alfine hub

More bicycles are being introduced every year that pair Gates Carbon Drive with internally geared hubs, such as Shimano’s Alfine 11 pictured above. Geared hubs and Carbon Drive belts provide a clean, low-maintenance alternative to greasy chains and derailleurs. But changing a rear wheel on a geared hub bike for the first time requires a little knowledge. To educate bicyclists on this procedure, Gates has launched a new video thatprovides information on rear wheel removal for Carbon Drive-equipped bikes with Shimano Alfine 8- and 11-speed hubs, Shimano Nexus 7 and the NuVinci N360 continuously variable planetary hub. Watch the video below, and check out other Carbon Drive videos at