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Nicolai USA Brings Belt Drive Innovation to America

  June 3, 2014
Nicolai ION-20-effi-big air

Nicolai Bikes, based in Germany, is one of the most innovative bike brands in the world, known for its use of belt drives, gearboxes and other cutting edge technologies. Now Nicolai is coming to America thanks to the launch of Nicolai USA, the brand’s new US distribution partner.

That’s the Ion 20 Effigear pictured flying above your head up top. It’s an eight-inch travel downhill bike featuring Gates Carbon Drive and the Effigear gearbox, providing a durable and low-maintenancegravity machine that eliminates chain slap and provides higher ground clearance without the worry of ripping your derailleur off on gnarly trails. The frameset is pictured below. For the first time, Nicolai will begin selling complete bikes through its USA arm. This will make it easier for consumers to get their belt drive models without having to worry about building up bikes from a frame.

More photos of the Ion 20 Effigear are below, followed by another popular model, the Argon Fat with Pinion and Gates Carbon Drive.

Nicolai ION-20-Effigear-GATES-frame frontview

Nicolai ION-20-Effigear-GATES-complete

Nicolai Argon Fat Pinion

To order Nicolai bikes, become a dealer, or to see their complete lineup of belt drive models please visit