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Reindeer and Fat Bikes: Racing in the Finnish Lapland

  February 12, 2015

Winter is dark and cold in the Finnish Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland above the Arctic Circle. This region is home to vast herds of reindeer and to the indigenous Sámi people, as well as the aurora borealis. It's not the type of place one typically thinks of cycling.

In this harsh and beautiful setting, Swedish bicyclist Oskar Juhlin competeed in the 150-kilometer Rovaniemi Arctic Fat Bike Race in 2015. Wearing a headlamp and lights, he rode through the night, resting briefly to eat, sleep and drink water, surviving the frigid nights in a polar sleeping bag. Juhlin is an endurance athlete and industrial designer in Stockholm. “I love biking and I love snow,” he says. Juhlin rode a custom Mi:Tech fat tire bike with a Pinion P1.18 gearbox and Gates Carbon Drive belt system. He chose these components to avoid mechanical problems with a chain and derailleur in the snow. “I’m impressed how well the combo of Pinion and Gates works in the snow and ice. It seems like the belt cleans itself from the snow and slush.”

Oskar Juhlin_bike at dawn

Oskar Juhlin_pinion closeup

Oskar Juhlin_headshot

Oskar Juhlin_bike outside hut