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Biomega Borrows Auto Design Philosophy to Build Bike Brand Identity

  March 2, 2015

Biomega%20Brandfilm-HD from Biomega on Vimeo.

Automobiles project a strong brand image through their unified design and aesthetic. Danish bike brand Biomega is borrowing this integrated design philosophy to create a similar brand affinity for its bicycles. In the smartly filmed video above, Biomega plays on this concept with closeups of an automobile interspersed with closeups of a car, concluding that its bikes are the obvious choice for city riders. “For a bike to possess communicative value, you have to create a design with character and a visual identity,” says Jens Martin Skibsted, co-founder of Biomega. “It has to be iconic.”

Biomega bikes are certainly expressive. The company has crystallized its identity by working with superstar talents such as British designer Marc Newson, who also works for Apple. Other designers include Ross Lovegrove and Karim Rashid, as well as the in-house design team of Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Skibsted himself.

Biomega NYC concrete wall

Biomega headset

This month, Biomega opened a concept store in its hometown of Copenhagen–joining other concept stores in London and Milan. Biomega uses Gates belt drives on its bikes because they reduce maintenance and enhance riding fun, says Kenneth Dalsgaard, Biomega’s managing director. “We want what we call the Audi audience: people who want quality but for a fair price. “What does the future hold for Biomega? “In the future we hope to have a fleet of electrical bikes,” Skibsted says. “We like to say that Biomega is in the urban mobility business instead of in the bicycle business.”

Biomega PEK bearded hipster

Biomega BOS concrete wall

Biomega London concept store, 61 Great Portland Street W1W 7LL
Biomega London concept store, 61 Great Portland Street W1W 7LL