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Belted Video: Marco Hösel Rides a Stadium

  October 22, 2015

Marco Hösel is a famous German trials rider and member of the Nicolai Factory Team whose exploits frequently appear on the Belted Blog. Remember when he rode and leaped through a sawmill? This time Marco rides through the stadium of German premier league football team Borussia Dortmund in his new video, “Cracked,” sponsored by the lock maker Burg-Wachter. Watch the video at the bottom of this post. Marco rides a Nicolai trials bike with Gates Carbon Drive. He likes the light weight of the belt because it allows him to jump higher, while the high-strength carbon tensile cords inside the Gates belt provide him with the confidence to fully commit to tricky–and dangerous–maneuvers. Thanks to Constantin Fiene for the creative photography, Hoshi Yoshida for the slick video edit, and of course a big high-five to Marco.

Marco_Cracked 2

Marco_Cracked 4

Marco_Cracked 5

Watch “Cracked” below.