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Fast and Light eBikes from Spain

  October 17, 2016

Designed and manufactured in Spain, Desiknio electric bikes are part of a new wave of stealthy and lightweight eBikes that look like regular bicycles. Lithium batteries are hidden within the down tube. Above in blue is the Sport model, which has a carbon fork, bars and seatpost. Below in red is the Classic, which has Ritchey Classic polished aluminum bars and seatpost, and Brooks leather saddle and grips. The bikes weigh 13.5 kg (29 pounds), with a maximum power of 500 watts, and they use a rear hub motor and controller platform from Ebikemotion Technologies, based in Palencia, Spain. A simple on/off button on the top tube turns on the power to the rear hub, using the iWoc One system with bluetooth capabilities. Both models use Gates Carbon Drive for clean, rust-free simplicity.


Joaquin Cortes, an industrial designer who lives in Granada, founded Desiknio in 2015. “In Spanish, ‘designio’ means a strong purpose to do something with determination,” Cortes says of the company’s name. “The ‘k’ sound is the strongest phonetic sound in my name, Joaquin, so I mixed them and got Desiknio.” Following the Eurobike show, Ebikemotion became an investment partner in Desiknio. Ebikemotion is part of the Mechatronic Automotive Group, and it offers multiple eBike electronics and components, which are manufactured in its factory in Motilla, Spain.

These Spanish brands show how companies across Europe and around the world are pushing forward with technologies that advance the eBike revolution. Watch the video below to learn more about the bikes and their technologies, and enjoy some nice images of riding in the cities and on the seacoast of Spain.