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DHL Testing Belted Cargo Bikes

  May 15, 2017

Cargo bikes are the delivery vans of the bicycle world. They carry large loads and allow businesses and individuals to replace car trips, reduce carbon emissions and cut transportation costs. One of the world's largest parcel delivery services is testing belt drive cargo bikes in Europe.

Bullitt-DHL-cargo bikes

DHL is using Bullitt cargo bikes equipped with Gates Carbon Drive. DHL has a fleet of belted Bullitts in The Netherlands using Carbon Drive Red. Bullitts are among the most popular heavy duty cargo bikes on the market. They are made by the bike brand Larry versus Harry, which offers a Gates Carbon Drive upgrade kit, and are distributed around the world, throughout Europe and through many dealers in the United States.

Gates is proud of this application because it shows the strength of the Carbon Drive belt and provides a modern solution for urban transport. Gates will soon launch four new longer belt lengths to serve the growing cargo bike movement, including lengths of 158-tooth, 166-, 168- and 174-tooth counts. These will be available in late 2017.

Bullitt-DHL-red belt