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Night Glow

  May 22, 2017

Biomega is a Copenhagen-based bike brand known for its distinctive electric, cargo and urban bikes. Created by founders of the Danish design supergroup KiBiSi, Biomega's motto is "Furniture for Locomotion."

Biomega NightGlow frame detail

This is an exciting week for Biomega fans. On Wednesday, May 24, Biomega launches a special version of its OKO eBike. The OKO Limited Night Glow Edition features glow-in-the-dark paint for high visibility at night. Biomega will sell just 20 of the OKO Night Glow eBikes, each signed by designer and Biomega founder Jens Martin Skibsted, and with a metal plate bearing the bike’s number.

The OKO is also available in silver and white, shown below. With a space-age aesthetic, the OKO is distinguished by its integrated design that includes fenders built into the light and strong carbon fiber frame and carbon fork, and a battery pack hidden in the top tube. Bloomberg lauded its style and called it “the perfect bike for city commuting.”

Biomega OKO with rider

Biomega has won many awards and industry kudos including the Good Design Award. Read our previous Belted Blog post about Biomega’s use of automobile design philosophy to build bike brand identity. Below is their NYC Ladies with a step-through frame. As with all of Biomega’s bikes, it uses a Gates Carbon Drive system instead of a chain.

Biomega NYC Ladies with rider standing

Copenhagen residents and visitors can see all of Biomega’s bikes and accessories, and attend the OKO Night Glow launch, at the Biomega Flagship store, located in the heart of the city at Klosterstræde 19, 1157 København K.

Biomega concept store