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  June 13, 2017

Bike share programs are becoming more popular in cities around the world as a sustainable transportation solution. On May 30, the city of Charleston, South Carolina, inaugurated its new bike share program, run by Gotcha Bike.

blue gotcha belt drive bikeGotcha is a bike share company based in Charleston that specializes in fleet bikes for college, residential and corporate campuses. In Charleston, residents now have access to 250 bikes placed at 27 locations throughout the city. In addition, the company provides share bikes at 20 locations in the United States including Auburn University, Northern Kentucky University, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the University of Oklahoma, Ann Arbor and East Lansing, Michigan, among others. Gotcha’s bikes are built for durability, with features including a rustproof aluminum frame, waterproof Kevlar seats, puncture-resistant tires, flashing safety lights powered by a dynamo hub and solar panel, and a Gates Carbon Drive belt to eliminate rusty and oily chains. Gotcha offers a Point-to-Point plan for new members that is free to join with no annual membership. Members receive one hour of free rides daily with a $5 fee each hour thereafter, prorated to the minute. Members may put a bike on hold for 30 minutes. For an additional $5 fee, users may end their ride outside of a designated station.


Gates is pushing into the bike share market in China, Denmark and other locations and is pleased to have Gotcha promoting the concept on college campuses.

“Gotcha Bike is providing a great service to its customers, and we are really happy to be working with them as they help spread the message that bicycles are the future of short-distance, affordable and sustainable urban travel,” says Frank Scurlock, business development manager for Gates Carbon Drive. Contact Gotcha to get their bikes onto your campus.