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A Super Mini Velo for the City

  July 10, 2017

One of the benefits of working for Gates Carbon Drive is getting to ride all the unique bikes that use the Gates belt technology. To whit: the Quinn.

yellow coast quinn pinion belt drive bike

The Quinn is an award-winning urban bike from Coast Cycles in Singapore. It has a carrying compartment between the double top tubes for a laptop bag or briefcase, and a front basket for your six-pack or daily shopping. The small-diameter wheels make this stylish mini-velo easy to store in your office or apartment and to bring onto public transit, and wide tires provide comfort and traction. The Quinn comes stock with an Alfine internal hub for shifting, but Coast has also unveiled a version with the Pinion gearbox, which will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2017. Popular in Asia, Coast is now selling direct into the United States via its webstore.




When our new gearbox Quinn arrived at Gates HQ in Denver, Gates bike technician Marc Seemann, who commutes on a belted retro Schwinn cruiser, was first in line to take it for a test ride. Flying flannel, Marc wheelied through the city as photographer Tim Lucking documented the action. Marc’s assessment of the Quinn: “Super fun to ride, super smooth and quiet, the Pinion gearbox is bomber, and those 20-inch wheels are super nimble.”




Learn more about our partnership with Coast Cycles, Pinion Drive Technology, and the 10-year history of Gates Carbon Drive in this video from Taipei Cycle 2017. As for Marc, he didn’t want to give the Quinn back and considered boarding a train to California with it at Union Station. Thankfully he came back. We need that guy. And it’s our turn to ride the Quinn.