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Gates Introduces White Belts

  August 25, 2017

Adding to its spectrum of colors, Gates has launched a new white belt that shows off the clean and grease-free attributes of Gates Carbon Drive.

White Belt - closeup on Soma-compressed

Gates has launched the white bike belt as part of the 10th anniversary of Gates Carbon Drive, which was first introduced in 2007. Gates now offers bicycle brands a growing spectrum of colors, from white and red to blue and black.

White Belt - with redblueblack-compressed

Carbon Drive White is available for manufacturer production orders, with a 120 belt minimum order. It is not sold on the aftermarket. Budnitz Bicycles is the first brand to use the new belt, on its new Bella E electric bike. Bellisimo.


Even cats like it. And cats hate everything.

White Belt - pussycat-compressed