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  October 17, 2017

It's a frequent statement from bike nerds: Steel is real. The dominant frame material for most of the 20th Century, steel has subsided in popularity with the advent of aluminum, titanium and carbon frames. The last Tour de France victory on a steel bike was in 1994.

Steel bikes are experiencing a Renaissance due to advances in steel tubing, and thanks to the work of modern bike makers who seek to evoke the look and feel of a bygone era. Case in point: the Classic Steel CT-6.2 from The Urban Bike in Singapore. The triple-butted lugged chromoly steel frame is anodized and clear coated to resist corrosion. Swept-back handlebars and a curved fork are reminiscent of cruisers from the 1950s and ’60s. The leather saddle and grips provide a classy touch, while a retro-style headlight powered by a dynamo hub provides visibility – no batteries required. Modern details include a LightSkin seatpost with five LED tail lights. The bike comes as a singlespeed or with an Alfine 11-speed.

2Urban-Bike-dynamo 3Urban-Bike-lightskin 4Urban-Bike-gates 5Urban-Bike-headbadge

The Urban Bike is a bike design and manufacturing company located in the Northpoint Bizhub of Singapore that specializes in custom titanium, steel and carbon bikes, most of which are equipped with Gates Carbon Drive. Founders Lem Cheng Hai, Ng Eng Chuan and Tiffany Koh share a passion for cycling and photography, and they founded The Urban Bike to bring more belt drive bikes to Singapore’s streets.

The Urban Bike also sells belt drive bikes from Schindelhauer, FaBike, Rizoma and other brands. Bicycle commuting is increasingly popular in Singapore, a small city-state tucked between Malaysia and Indonesia just north of the equator. The government is creating 700 km of new bike lanes and cycle paths, building underground bike parking garages and bike infrastructure to make Singapore a more “cycling friendly city.”  Visiting Singapore? Lem Cheng Hai’s favorite place to ride is Sentosa Island, where new bike paths link Singapore residents and tourists to the area’s beautiful tropical beaches. Bring your swimsuit – and your new belt drive steel bike.