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Belted in NYC

  February 1, 2018

Located in a bright and airy showroom in the trendy TriBeCa neighborhood, Priority Bicycles is helping to drive the growth of urban bicycling in New York City.


Gates recently visited New York and took the opportunity to borrow some Priority bikes to pedal up to Central Park and along the Hudson River. Afterwards, Priority CEO Dave Weiner offered a tour of the company’s showroom located at 174 Hudson Street. Belt drive bikes hang from brick walls above hardwood floors. It’s a beautiful location, and Priority encourages NYC locals and visitors to schedule appointments to come test their bikes.


Priority’s founders are NYC proud. “We sell bicycles around the world, but New York City provides a unique design and testing ground,” Weiner says. “We get inspired riding to and from work, and even just looking out of our windows at all of the different types of cyclists on the streets. In our showroom, we can feature our bicycles, meet with our riders, design new products, and put them to the test–all in our own TriBeCa neighborhood.” Many NYC businesses use Priority bikes, including the Arlo boutique hotel that offers the belt drive bikes free to guests. Le Meridien Denver Downtown is another hotel that has recently begun offering Priority’s belt drive bikes to guests to use for free.


Now, Priority’s founders have created an accessory and lifestyle brand called 174HUDSON. Their first product is a bicycle backpack and pannier, shown in the pictures atop this post. Priority has also acquired fellow New York bike brand Brilliant Bicycle Company, and they recently launched the L-Train, a stylish and stripped down steel bike with a 7-speed Nexus shifter and Gates belt drive. The L-Train is named for the L subway line that will close for renovations in 2019, to the dismay of Brooklyn commuters. No worries. Now they can pedal over the Brooklyn or Williamsburg bridges on the two-wheeled L-Train. Check out this stylish bike below. And make sure to visit 174 Hudson the next time you hit Manhattan.