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Coboc: Brooklyn Inspired, Heidelberg Created

  April 5, 2018

Heidelberg is a university town on the Neckar River in southwestern Germany. This is the home of Coboc, an electric bike brand that specializes in minimalistic, light and fast eBikes.


Coboc was founded in 2011 by Pius Warken and David Horsch. The ONE Brooklyn is the brand’s newest model. It pairs a clean, smooth and efficient Gates belt drive with a proprietary rear hub motor connected to a smartphone app. Batteries are concealed in the downtube of the aluminum frame for an elegant aesthetic. Coboc advertises a range of 50 miles with a two-hour charge time. While many eBikes weigh more than 50 pounds, this sleek ONE Brooklyn comes in at a svelte 14.1 kg, or 31 pounds. With dealers throughout Europe and the UK, Coboc is among the growing number of new electric bike brands that are transforming urban cycling by offering precision belt driven bikes for today’s modern cyclist.