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Riding Over the World’s Highest Road

  June 20, 2018

The road up Mount Uturuncu in Bolivia is a bucket list ride for bicyclists, topping out at over 19,000 feet. Australian adventure cyclist Alee Denham recently conquered this monster climb on his belt driven Koga touring bike.

Alee Denham is on a two-year cycling adventure from South America to Alaska. A supremely fit cyclist, skilled photographer, videographer–and vegan–Denham’s Instagram posts, videos and stories offer an inside view of the joys and hardships of long-distance bike touring. We last featured Denham on the Belted Blog in 2014 when he was riding a belt drive tandem across Asia. This time Denham is using a low-maintenance drivetrain of a Gates Carbon Drive paired with a Rohloff hub on his Koga Signature WorldTraveller touring bike. This system is increasingly popular with long-distance touring cyclists due to its low maintenance and durability. Check out more photos and videos of Denham’s adventures pedaling through Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia as he pedals northward on Cycling About. Thanks to Alee for the use of the photos.

Alee Denham bicycle touring with Gates Carbon Drive belt system