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  October 25, 2018

Gates attended one of Asia's most important bike shows, Taipei Cycle, from October 31 to November 3, where we introduced new products and showed a range of beautiful belt drive bikes.

FIRM bike-Carla front

One of the bikes Gates displayed is the Carla from Copenhagen brand Coh & Co., which jokes that the bike “has a heart of stone.” That’s because the frame is laminated in a stone fiber composite technology called FIRM, which Coh & Co. says is tough, repairable and durable. The Danish company says the frame and its belt drive are made to withstand the snow, rain, sand, salt and grime of Scandinavian winters. Note the single seat stay on the rear, which makes installing the belt easy and provides a unique aesthetic.

FIRM bike-Carla-with rider

In addition, Gates showed bicycles and eBikes from Giant, Canyon, Cannondale, Marin, Yess BMX, Co-Motion, Schindelhauer, Budnitz, Priority, Coast Cycles and MBK. Electric bikes are a big in Asia, and Gates launched a new series of sprockets–called YMN–in Taipei developed in collaboration with Shimano for use with Shimano’s new Nexus Inter-5E electric bike hubs. Gates also rolled out new front sprockets for Shimano’s E6100 STEPS motor, as well as products for Bosch motors and the other leading eBike systems from Panasonic, Yamaha and Brose. Gates also introduced product managers to a new belt length coming in 2019, showed new mid-priced steel rear sprockets, and displayed the full line of six cranksets including the newest–the S550 direct mount system. Read the full Taipei press release about Gates new products.

Gates YMN sprocket
The new YMN sprocket