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Riese & Müller 2019

  January 10, 2019

Riese & Müller is one of Europe's leading electric bike innovators. For 2019, the German brand has launched a large number of belt drive eBikes for urban commuting, transporting cargo and even rugged touring.


We previously wrote about Riese & Müller’s global expansion and its rise from a garage into a global eBike powerhouse. Read that story here. In this post we highlight some of their 2019 models with Gates Carbon Drive. Riese & Müller is a leading adopter of Gates belts and advanced drivetrain components including Bosch motors and internal hubs from Enviolo and Rohloff.  “We are decisively shaping the e-mobility of tomorrow,” says Heiko Müller, founder and managing director.

First up is the Swing, the blue step-through eBike pictured above. The Swing is designed for navigating town in comfort, with a suspension fork and seatpost to soften the ride. The Tinker, below, shows off the company’s roots in folding bikes. The Tinker has fold-down handlebars and small wheels for easy storage and convenience in the city.


The Cruiser, below, is an urban eBike with style points–leather grips, color-matching saddle and tires, plus space for a carrier bag.


The Culture GT, below, shows how the brand is re-imagining the traditional bike frame. “The comfortable, continuous Enviolo hub gear combined with the extremely low-maintenance belt drive promises relaxed riding pleasure with no pit stops,” the company says.


The Packster, below, is an award-winning cargo bike that can be configured to carry children. It’s a serious pedal-powered family minivan.



Like dirt? The Nevo GX, above, is equipped for off-road adventures with its rugged Schwalbe tires, disc brakes and a Bosch battery hidden inside the frame. The Supercharger, below, is a rugged machine with dual battery packs integrated into the top tube and down tube.


The Roadster, below, is one of the more traditional eBikes from Riese & Müller, fast and nimble, with an eye catching metallic green frame and fenders.


Check out more of the company’s Gates Carbon Drive models at