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Belt Driven Since Day One

  February 11, 2019

How does a bicycle company create a distinctive identity and succeed in a crowded marketplace? If you are Schindelhauer Bikes, you do it by partnering with Gates and forging a path as a 100 percent belt driven brand.

“I love bicycles because they are very simple. You are faster, and you are cleaner and it’s good for your health,” says Jörg Schindelhauer in the new video, “Belt Driven Since Day One,” which marks the 10-year anniversary of the Berlin-based urban bike brand. The video is a must-see for fans of Schindelhauer’s iconic designs and its award-winning bikes. It tells the story of the company’s creation, past, present and future–and includes some trick riding and beautiful images of Berlin.

Learn more about Schindelhauer Bikes and the making of the video in our previous post, “Unchained in Berlin.”   As Schindelhauer says: “We will keep innovating, and we will develop more solutions together with Gates Carbon Drive to bring people from A to B.”