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Carbon Drive Honey: a Naturally Sweet, Small-Batch Belt

  June 17, 2019

Gates launches its sweetest belt yet, Carbon Drive Honey, a special edition small-batch release available on "The Proof" from Priority Bicycles.

Sunny Honey Belt-sm
The black layer sandwiched between the honey colored polyurethane is made of Gates carbon fiber tensile cords.

When Priority Bicycles decided to create a small-batch bike built at its Pennsylvania facility, they approached Gates about making a unique limited-edition belt to show off the made in the USA heritage of the Carbon Drive CDX belts, which are manufactured in Kentucky. Challenge accepted. Instead of using black pigments as with regular Carbon Drive belts, Gates chemists used raw polyurethane with a splash of amber color to create a translucent honey-bourbon body that glows in sunlight. The translucence of the Honey belt allows people to see the carbon fiber tensile cords embedded within, providing a window into the science and technology of Carbon Drive.

Priority calls its small-batch bike The Proof (only 100 will be sold) to play off the Kentucky bourbon inspired provenance of Gates CDX belts. The Proof is hand-painted and decaled and signed in Pennsylvania and outfitted with a range of quality components. Priority calls it “a small batch bicycle inspired by small batch bourbon.”

“Working with the Gates team out of Kentucky, we thought it would be great to have this custom, translucent honey oak color, and it felt very much part of the USA Bourbon Trail experience,” says Connor Swegle of Priority. “That inspiration very much came alive in the design of the bike. Right away when you look at it, from the rich burgundy red color and finishes, they all feel like practical handmade materials inspired by American makers and distillers but with modern high quality finishes….What we quickly realized was it wasn’t just the name The Proof, the bicycle itself was the proof of all the hard work that our team had done to bring the bicycle to life, and that gives us a huge sense of achievement.”

Proof in Priority Warehouse

Honey Belt 2-sm

Honey Belt Gates Crank-sm

Check out Priority’s sweet reveal video of The Proof. Enjoy straight up or on the rocks.

And get the making-of origin story behind The Proof from Priority’s Dave Weiner and Connor Swegle:

Order your Proof here and be one of only 100 people to get one of these limited edition bikes with the Honey belt.