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Gates Launching Electric Micromobility Initiative at Eurobike 2019

  August 12, 2019

Eurobike 2019 will mark an evolution in the Gates Carbon Drive brand. Gates is pushing into the growing electric micromobility market--while showcasing the hottest belt drive eBikes and launching new products for Bosch, Shimano and urban electric bikes.

Twelve years after launching Gates Carbon Drive for the bicycle market, Gates is building upon its success unchaining bikes to bring advanced drivetrain solutions to electric motorcycles, eScooters and the wider marketplace of light electric vehicles. Electric mobility will be the focus of the Gates presence at Eurobike (September 4-7), where Gates will display a high-torque Zero SR/F electric motorcycle to show the power and durability of its belt drive systems.

Powered by a Gates Carbon Drive belt, the Zero powers up the Pikes Peak course. Kevin Wing photo.
The Zero SR/F racing in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in July. Kevin Wing photo.

In addition to the Zero, Gates will show its largest-ever portfolio of products at Eurobike including new belts, sprockets, cranksets and spider assemblies. New products include more than 60 unique spider assembly options for Bosch 2020 Performance Line Speed, Performance Line CX, Cargo Line and Cargo Line Speed systems. Gates is also offering more than 35 unique spider assemblies for Shimano STEPS mid-motors.

Other new products include a rear sprocket line called CDC that provides designers of lower-torque mid-motor eBikes with a value alternative to the premium CDX line. Manufactured of hardened chromoly steel, the CDC rear sprockets feature the Gates proprietary CenterTrack design and are engineered to meet the demands of urban eBikes of 50Nm or less.

To show the diversity of belt drive bikes and eBikes available to consumers, Gates (booth# A2-201) will showcase a wide range of models across all styles—from full-suspension eMTBs and speed pedelecs to urban commuters, cargo, BMX, touring and mountain bikes from a dozen premium brands including Electra, Coleen, Booda, Nuvelos, Carqon, Bullitt, Cero, Winora, Schwift, Schindelhauer, Yess BMX, HNF-Nicolai and more. The bikes will include the leading mid-motor systems from Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha, and internally geared hub and gearbox technology including Shimano Alfine and Nexus, Enviolo, Rohloff and Pinion.

Nicolai G1 EBoxx E14 with Bosch 2020 and Gates spider-compressed
The Nicolai G1 EBoxx E-14 features one of the most advanced full-suspension electric mountain bike drivetrains ever created.
The Schindelhauer Oskar highlights the style and performance of Gates belts on premium electric bikes.

Visit Gates at booth A2-201 to experience the future of electric mobility.