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The Unchained Adventurers

  November 6, 2019

Adventure cyclists inspire us with their exploits. Meet some of our favorite touring cyclists who are pedaling the planet with Gates Carbon Drive.

Alee Denham is an Australian adventure cyclist and vegan who has embarked on a three-year journey from South America to Alaska. We last featured him here when he pedaled over the world’s highest road. His photography, videography and storytelling are top notch. If you are hunting for a global touring bike, watch Alee’s review of his Koga World Traveller-S to get his opinions on what makes a great adventure rig.

Kamran Ali completed his cycling journey from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, earlier this year, pedaling a Stevens P18 Lite with Gates belt and Pinion gearbox. We spoke with Kamran in 2016 during the early days of his three-year journey. Kamran is a deep and contemplative soul and skilled photographer who ponders his journey in this video of his crossing from Canada into Alaska.

Ryan Van Duzer is a high-energy videographer who last appeared on this blog following a canyonlands adventure on his Priority 600. He and a buddy recently completed a seven-day, 220-mile off-road tour on REEB mountain bikes with Gates belts and Pinion gearboxes. The visuals of colorful aspen glades, desert scrublands, steep cliffs, blue skies and epic singletrack are fantastic–and Ryan’s enthusiasm will give you a sugar rush!

Ellen and Elmar are a Dutch couple known as the Bicycle Junkies. Four years ago they rode 20,000 kilometers across the Americas from South to North. Now they are undertaking shorter journeys, and recently returned from a tour of Norway on their Avaghon touring bikes.

If you are embarked on or have completed a long-distance adventure on a bike with Gates Carbon Drive, share your video or story with us on Facebook.