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Gates Carbon Drive at CABDA West

  October 11, 2021

A round-up of what you can expect from the Gates booth at CABDA in Los Angeles

After taking the Windy City by storm, Gates Carbon Drive is proud to be an exhibitor at CABDA West. The show will be held on October 12th and 13th 2021, at the Ontario Convention Center in California.

CABDA is open only to dealers and is a B2B show, which allows Gates to focus on the more technical aspects of our products, as well as forge new relationships with dealers in one of the US’ largest cities. The Gates booth will showcase three bikes equipped with Gates Carbon Drive, as well as technology from our North American partners, Pinion. If you are a dealer attending CABDA Midwest, and you’re curious about Gates bike products, visit us at booth 826 to see what we have on offer. Here are the three bikes we will be displaying:


Nicolai mountain bike on a trail
A Nicolai G13 GPI on a mountain trail.

The Nicolai G13 GPI combines cutting edge technology, top-of-the-line craftmanship, and a Gates belt drive mated to a Pinion hub to provide the ultimate mountain biking experience. Thanks to its unique geometry and full suspension, no trail is too tough for this bike.


Marin Presidio 3 Side Profile
Marin Presidio 3. Isn’t it sleek?

The Marin Presidio 3 is primarily a commuter bike equipped with a Gates belt drive for maximum comfort and minimal maintenance as you make your way to the office. But when the weekend rolls around, throw on some saddlebags and take the bike for a spin in the countryside. You really can ride this bike any way and anywhere you like.


Trek District 4
Trek District 4, equipped with Gates Carbon Drive.

The Trek District 4 uses a Gates belt drive and an internally geared 8-speed Shimano hub – already a great combination. Add in features like a front dynamo hub and disc brakes, and you get a stylish and speedy commuter bike.

The Harley-Davidson/Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED, which uses a Gates belt drive, was a show-stopper at CABDA Midwest. Stop by the Serial 1 booth at CABDA West to see this magnificent machine in the flesh.

The Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED with Gates Carbon Drive.

Serial 1 is a sub-brand of Harley-Davidson, representing the motorcycle icon’s efforts to diversify their product offerings. The RUSH CTY/SPEED is Serial 1’s flagship model, and is geared towards commuters. This premium e-bike has electrically assisted pedaling up to 28 mph (45 kph) and a host of amenities like a glove box and integrated fenders and racks. It comes with a 706 Wh removable battery, Enviolo CVT, and a Brose TF Mag motor. The whole operation runs smoothly thanks to a Gates Carbon Belt drive.

A close up of the Gates belt drive on the Serial 1

Ben Castaneda will host a technical training session called Belt Drive and Pinion Gearbox Basics. The session will outline the advantages of Carbon Drive, as well as the basics of selling and maintaining bikes equipped with Gates Carbon Drive. Pinion’s groundbreaking gearboxes will also be discussed, as Gates is the official distributor of Pinion in North America. The sessions will take place at noon on both days of the show in PBMA Tech Room One (Room 104 B).