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Gates at Eurobike part 2 – Electric Thrills

  October 15, 2021

A round-up of the belted e-bikes at Eurobike 2021

Most people imagine a bicycle as a simple contraption – a frame, two handlebars, and two pedals. But today, many bikes are electrified for extra oomph. And now, with many cities now taking steps to ban or restrict cars from city centers, the city bike is poised to become more relevant than ever. The e-bike is a fast, powerful, and eco-friendly alternative to the car. There are also many forms of e-bike – they can be optimized for commuting, off-roading, or some combination thereof.

Many e-bikes are equipped with Gates Carbon Drive. For an e-bike, Gates belt drive offers many advantages over a chain – belts are lighter, and can handle increased torque. There were many belt-drive equipped e-bikes on display at Eurobike 2021, so let’s dive in.


Side view of the Evari 856

Evari is a British brand named after the air (ari), and the Evari 856 lives up to the name. To keep weight down, the bike’s frame is a carbon-fiber monocoque. All the cables are routed internally to maintain smooth, aesthetic lines. The 856 is equipped with Gates Carbon Drive, a Rohloff SpeedHub, Enviolo Automatiq transmission, and Evari Drive System for the ultimate riding experience. All the high-end components and attention to detail paid off – Evari won an award at Eurobike 2021 in the Start-Up category.



Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I love my ebike, but I wish it would go off-road as well”? If you have, then good news! Åska, a little company over in Sweden, has the solution for you. The Åska has a 1200W motor, full suspension, a 45 kph (28 mph) top speed, and a Gates Carbon Drive mated to a Pinion gearbox. That way, you can get to work in no time at all, and then have a blast up in the mountains when the day is done.



This Coleen Modern DB is the company’s fastest, sportiest e-bike yet, packing a 750W motor and a Pinion gearbox – good for a 28 mph (45 kph) top speed. A carbon fiber frame keeps the weight down to 22 kg (49 lbs), making for an absolutely frightening power-to-weight ratio. The Modern DB also won an award at Eurobike 2021, this time in the e-bikes category.


Cake Ösa with Gates Carbon Drive at Eurobike 2021

The Cake Ösa is an electric utility bike built around an aluminum frame. It’s also modular – the design’s clamps accept a variety of attachments like baskets, headlights, and even a mobile workbench. Meanwhile, the Ösa+ is an e-motorcycle variant which packs a 10 kW motor, full suspension, and a 56 mph (90 kph) top speed. Everything runs smoothly thanks to a Gates Carbon Drive belt.

That’s a recap of the e-bikes on display at Eurobike 2021. The next time you’re in the market for a new bike, consider getting one with a belt drive.

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