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Gates Unchains Laguna Seca

  October 15, 2021

Thrills abounded at the Gates Booth at Sea Otter Classic 2021 in Monterey, California

The Sea Otter Classic was held from October 7 – 10, 2021, at the Laguna Seca racetrack in Monterey, CA. The Gates booth displayed a wide range of bikes, all equipped with Gates Carbon Drive belt system for bikes.


Cake Ösa at Sea Otter 2021

The Cake Ösa from Sweden – which was also on display at the Gates booth at Eurobike 2021 – is a Swiss army knife on wheels and comes in two variants. The Ösa Lite is a moped with a 4 kW motor and a top speed of 30 mph (48 kph), while the Ösa+ is an e-motorcycle with a more powerful 10 kW motor and a top speed of 56 mph (90 kph). Both bikes are modular; riders can attach lights, workbenches, extra seats, and more to the bike frame. Of course, a Gates belt runs the whole show.


Back in 2019, Cory West rode a Zero SR/F e-motorcycle to a 5th place finish at Pikes Peak. That Zero was completely silent thanks to an e-motor and a Gates Carbon Drive belt, and now, Zero’s FXE uses a similar setup.

Zero FXE at Sea Otter 2021

The Zero FXE has a motor producing 34 kW (46 hp) which takes it to a top speed of 85 mph (137 kph). The stunning, razor sharp lines certainly add to the FXE’s menacing aura.


Como SL at Sea Otter 2021

The Specialized Turbo Como SL 5.0 is a perfect combination of power, comfort, and usability. This e-bike has an internal gear hub, Gates belt drive, and 320 Wh battery. You can also fit an optional Range Extender for up to 93 miles of range. Best of all, the SL can carry twice its weight in cargo. Specialized says you’ll make up errands just so you can ride this stunner again and again. We don’t doubt them.


For many attendees, the highlight of Sea Otter is getting to demo new bikes. Gates had a selection of belt-driven bikes available for riders to try out.

Demo bikes lined up at Sea Otter 2021

In the foreground of this picture, you can see two Nicolai ION-G13‘s. The G13 is great for casual, classic touring, but it’s equally at home on the most aggressive mountain trails. Riders could also check out the Zerode Katipo and Taniwha. All three are full suspension, top-of-the-line mountain bikes with Gates belt drive.

Dozens of riders tried out the bikes over the course of four days, and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. For many, it was the first time they saw and rode a mountain bike with the Gates Carbon Drive & Pinion combination. With no cassette and derailleur, the back wheel felt lighter and the Pinion helped center the weight distribution. The Gates belt also made the ride feel smoother.

And that’s a wrap on Sea Otter 2021! For more coverage on other festivals and trade shows we’ve done this year, check out this post about our booth at Eurobike 2021.