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Why Serial 1 Chose Gates

  January 28, 2022

The partnership between Harley Davidson – one of the world’s most iconic motorcycle companies – and Gates goes back forty years. Now Harley Davidson has branched into the e-bike world with Serial 1, which proved to be pretty popular to say the least.

In the video below, Ben Lund and Aaron Frank from Serial 1 talk about the advantages of a Gates belt over a standard chain system. Gates Carbon Drive’s main advantage over the chain is its ease of use. Riders don’t need to worry about greasy stains, nor do they need to lubricate their belt. The Gates belt is also great for riders who are getting back in the seat after a long time – with a belt you can just get on your bike and ride like the wind, without constantly worrying about maintenance.

Check out the video below, and be sure to follow our blog to learn more about Gates Carbon Drive. Join the belt revolution and unchain your ride.