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Sustainability Meets Technology 

  August 22, 2023

Are bikes made of bamboo possible? This collaboration between Bamboocycles and Gates Carbon Drive shows the possibilities of combining the best of two worlds: sustainability and technology. We partnered on the build of this single speed urban bike to demonstrate carefree, smooth, and reliable rides are possible.

Bamboocycles maximize the benefits of bamboo as their frame component, seizing the highly durable, light and firm qualities of the material. We created a video that shows the step-by-step manufacturing of these custom bicycles, from the selection of materials to assembly, and the art of perfecting the smallest detail. The Gates Carbon Drive belt system enhances the cyclist’s experience: through silent rides, precise transfer of power, and reducing the maintenance requirements all while expanding the lifetime of the system when compared to chain. In this way, the cyclist does not have to worry about anything else but choosing their destination, no matter how far or diverse it is.

Bamboo bike with carbon drive belt system
Bamboocycles is a Mexican company whose purpose is optimal use of natural resources,
hand assembling and customizing each one of their bikes.

This collaboration reaffirms that sustainability and technology are two forces that can go hand in hand in favor of improving urban mobility in a country like Mexico. Where overpopulation has left excessive vehicular traffic as the main consequence, citizens are beginning to opt for alternatives such as bicycles over cars as their preferred transportation.

Do you want to know more about this project? Watch this video: