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Gates Carbon Drive at Outerbike Crested Butte

  September 11, 2023

Bike ride to mountains

Step into the world of OuterBike, where companies connect with consumers in diverse settings such as Duluth, Bentonville, Moab, and Crested Butte. The careful selection of these locations holds significant importance, as they offer varying terrains and cycling conditions at each show. This dynamic approach enables participants to precisely tailor their test rides to a particular bike or application.

OuterBike serves as a unique platform that grants potential end users experience with our exceptional drivetrains. At Crested Butte, we put a range of full suspension mountain bikes to the test, including Zerodes, as well as a selection of unique models from REEB, Spot, and Cavalerie. We proudly showcase a belt drive system seamlessly paired with a gearbox.

The collaboration between Tout Terrain Pamir and Gates Carbon Drive Belt Drive has yielded a remarkable bicycle that embodies the very essence of cutting-edge technology and sustainable cycling. As enthusiasts and experts alike gather to witness this remarkable fusion of design and engineering, it’s clear that the future of cycling is brighter than ever. With smooth, silent, and maintenance-free performance, this bicycle is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when industry leaders come together to redefine the cycling experience. So, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just beginning your journey, this collaboration represents a new era of cycling that’s worth celebrating and exploring.

Our presence at these shows has provided a unique opportunity for people to experience the innovation of gearbox and belt driven bikes firsthand.

Next up will be OuterBike Bentonville – we hope to see you there!